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Koichi Takada belongs to a new generation of architects that strive to bring nature back into the urban environment — an approach he matured after living in Tokyo, New York and London.


In 2008, Koichi established Koichi Takada Architects in Sydney, Australia. His mission was to bring the nature he loved as a child, back into the ‘concrete jungle’ through design. His architecture reconnects humans to the natural environment, drawing inspiration from organic forms and local contexts. His architecture can be experienced through all the senses, with a signature design aesthetic that has won him an international reputation for design excellence.

A multi-skilled developer with expertise spanning lending, investing and property services management, Moshav has developed luxury residential apartments across Sydney and Canberra.


Committed to exceptional quality in design and construction, the team collaborates with leading contractors to deliver premium residences.The company takes pride in ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to satisfy the most discerning homeowners.

Lords Group is a visionary construction company focused on transforming Sydney’s Commercial and Residential properties and spaces. Their primary objective is to deliver projects of the highest quality with clients and delivery partners who share values. Lords Group fosters a workplace culture of high performance through a commitment to excellence, continual challenge, transparency, and ongoing performance analysis.


Lords Group is the construction partner of choice for Sydney’s most iconic projects.